MeiDolls Café


MeiDolls Café was launched on January 15, 2011 and it is located at Saunterfield building in Cainta, Rizal. The café gained its popularity when it was featured at numerous programs here and abroad. MeiDolls even won an award given by the Consumer Quality Awards as the most innovative coffee shop and is one of the recognized “cosplay” cafés in the Philippines. Ms. Reia Ayunan, the café’s owner said, “The concept of MeiDolls Café is cosplay (costume play) since I am a cosplayer (one who is dressing up and acting like an anime character ) and it is inspired by the hit Korean show “Coffee Prince. “Welcome back, Master!” They call their customers as their “Masters” and the staff wears the French maid outfits cosplaying as “maids”. Even Ms. Reia herself wears one too, on weekdays. Once you are seated, the maid will give you the café’s menu and they have their games written on it like “JankenPyon” (which is similar to the Rock-Paper-Scissors game), the “Spicy Ramen Challenge”, etc. When the maid serves the order to you, she will say “Power Up! Moe Moe Kyun!,s” which is the café’s trademark. As you leave the café, the maid will open the door for you and bid you goodbye. You don’t need to go to Japan and walk along the streets of Akihabara just to experience a one of kind and innovative service approach. (Joanamarie Gutierrez)