CSIT Week 2012


The College of Computer Studies launched “C.S.I.T. week 2012” entitled “I.T. Breakthrough 3E’s: Explore, Experience and Execute” launched last February 28, 2012 at ICCT Cainta Gymnasium. It is a one week celebration where the highlights of the celebration are the PLDT SMART Jump Experience tour of the graduating students, exhibits, seminars and Intercampuses competition of PC Assembly / Disassembly, CISCO quiz bee, General Information quiz bee, Web Page Design and Actual Programming etc. All of the CS-IT courses like TechVoc, ACT, ComSci, (Computer Science) and Information Technology with the C.E.S. (Computer Explorers Society) and I.T.V.O. (International TechVoc Organization) made this event possible.
Day one, the opening ceremony started with the elimination round of General Information I.T. quiz bee, Web Page Design, Speed Typing skills, Actual Programming were conducted as the chosen students representatives of different campuses including Cainta, Angono, Taytay, Antipolo etc. which competed to qualify for the final round.
Day two included two seminars; “Networking Security” led by Mr. Manuel Dangan followed by “Linux” led by the guest speaker, Mr. Edgardo Quiros in DCLC AVR. Day three was the final I.T. Intercampuses Skills Competition Final Round where all of the contenders came from different other campuses such as Angono, Binangonan, Taytay etc. competed from different categories such as General Information Quiz Bee, PC Assembly / Disassembly, CISCO quiz bee, Speed Typing and Web Developing. Day four, the graduating CS-IT students toured at PLDT-SMART Jump Experience Center at SM Megamall Bldg. B 4th flr. Cyberzone Area. PLDT-SMART Jump Experience Center is an interactive shop where all of the coolest and latest gadgets including smartphones, laptops and netbooks are displayed for the public.
Day five was the CCS Community Outreach with the C.E.S Officers, TechVoc Officers and facilitated by Mrs. Annalyn Delpasen and Mrs. Marygin Sarmiento to give demonstrations of Web Page Designing using HTML and Basic Programming by Visual Basic 6.0. Day 6 is closing ceremony and the awarding of the grand winners of the I.T. Intercampuses Competition contestants and distributing the certificates to the participants and the event coordinators. (Joanamarie P. Gutierrez)