EcoTourism: “THINK GREEN”


ICCT Colleges supports the long time campaign for environmental awareness and cleanliness. They believe that doing appropriate measures in maintaining order in our surroundings will lead to much comfortable and soothing environment. What are the steps that the school takes to promote ecotourism in its campuses? As you explore through the different campuses of ICCT, you can see three colored garbage bins (Yellow, Green and Blue) together in one garbage rack that separates different garbage classifications. They provide it in almost every corner of the school for the students to avoid from littering because there is an accessible trash can nearby. The color-coded garbage bins are used to segregate wastes from one another, the biodegradable and the recyclable materials. Collection of recyclable materials is the key component of modern waste reduction that is “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Waste Hierarchy”. Used materials are processed to new and useful products. (Johnny Arroyo)