Skills Training Programs


Philippine is one of the countries in Asia which has the lowest number of college students. In fact 33% of those who graduated in high school did not pursue college education because of financial instability. In relation to this problem, ICCT Colleges offers two-year courses or the skills training programs to provide affordable and quality education for all.  Among these are Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management (AHRM), Diploma in Computer Programming NCIV (DCP), Associate in Computer Technology (ACT), Diploma in Bookkeeping NCIII (DKB), Diploma in Consumer Electronics Servicing NCII (DCE), Diploma in Computer Programming NCIV (DCP), Diploma in Biomedical Equipment Services NCII and Certificate in Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCI and NCII. Dario Fortin, 25 years old, whom in an interview said, “I took AHRM because I want to develop my skills in cooking, baking and bartending in a short span of time and when it comes to job there are a lot of opportunities waiting for me.” These types of courses are helpful for those students who don’t have much time and budget for education. The skills which they acquire after taking up some units will let them land jobs with higher market demands. As a whole, studying at lower rates and shorter span of time undeniably aid someone’s need for education and being skilled now a days can also be one’s key for job placement. (Jerryann Cantoria)