K+12 Basic Education System: Agree or Disagree?


“The quality of strength is lined with tenderness. It is an unbearable combination as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education” is a saying by Maya Angelou everyone should realize. Our government holds a lot of its expectations on the students as well as on the teachers. Through their unwavering hard work, quality education in our country is not that impossible to achieve. In support of their long-term goal, the government had proposed sets of amendments regarding school curriculum. Along with the Education Department, they are working on the implementation of the “K+12 Basic Education System.” This system suggests additional two more years in High School curriculum. That would be four years in Junior High School and two years in Senior high School. So what is behind this proposal? Take a look at those highly-industrialized countries, America for example. All these years they are implementing this related system in their curriculum. After six years in the Primary Level, they have three years in middle school and four years in High School. During these said years, students are now preparing for their careers as to whether they will take the Bachelor Degrees or The Technical Vocational courses in the Post-Secondary level. The duration given to them is enough to fully discern what fields they will get into and it is believed that students under this system are more competent. Spending longer years in High School does not mean that it is the most effective one, but somehow it contributes to the production of more competent and productive graduates. This is what our government is trying to convey regarding the K+12 System. Additional two more years in High School will let our country get acquainted with the global standards. However, this is not an easy thing to do, knowing that our current education system is now experiencing a chain of problems. There is no doubt on the government’s sincerity to uplift the condition of Philippine education. Nonetheless, the proposal is nothing new. New curriculum would require many adjustments which may push current concerns on education system furthermore. Curriculums should not be the focus. It should be the limited facilities and books, millions of students, underpaid and diminishing number of competent teachers that they should address. (Sheila Mae Doria)